A latent tumor




The arrival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador with a majority never seen in the 21st century made possible the temptation to consolidate the budgetary power that many presidents have desired. The budget is the backbone of public policies, so its execution is an indicator of a government’s priorities. The fact that the representatives in the Legislative branch and the citizens, in general, do not know where and how it is spent, weakens the democratic relations between the rulers and the ruled, in addition to violating the constitutional order of the country, by granting enormous powers to the federal Executive branch. Budgetary hyper-presidentialism


The effective division of public powers is an essential requirement for a State to be considered democratic. The system of checks and balances was designed to prevent a single individual from concentrating the total power of the State. In Mexico, article 49 of the Constitution states that under no circumstances may two or more powers be deposited within a single person.

Economy and The Environment – report 1