In the course to a MEXICAN militarism

In the course to a MEXICAN militarism



Since 2008, an open militarization process started in Mexico. The disposition to start frontal armed combat with organized crime was taken by the then president Felipe Calderón, who reinforced the use of the Army and the Navy to perform different national security tasks, especially the ones related to the country’s public safety. Ever since, this militarization trend has been complex. Enrique Peña Nieto deepened the militarization; he even proposed the so-called Interior Security Law intending to blend the Mexican legal framework. The FFAA (Armed Forces for its acronym in Spanish) could perform the federal executive’s designated tasks within the legal framework.


Within this context, it was expect- ed that with the victory of López Obrador, the security strategy would change, restrain the country’s militarization process and lead towards a human rights protection management and civil security institution strengthening. What has happened is the exact opposite.

Governance – June 2021

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In the course to a MEXICAN militarism